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Great communication is all about getting the messaging right, knowing your target audience and where to find them, before finally delivering that message through excellent storytelling. 

Through the EMG podcasts series, we are taking our clients and partners through some of the key themes shaping marketing communications today. Our specialists assess the best ways to leverage digital tools and content marketing strategies to successfully tell your story. Themes of interest include crisis communications, assessing the merits of new digital tools and thought leadership & influencer strategies. Stay tuned for more insightful podcasts to help boost your next campaign strategy!

25 Minutes with Johna Burke

Tips for using media analytics beyond the AVE to measure success

Johna Burke, Global Managing Director AMEC (Association for the Measurement & Evaluation of Communications), discusses PR analytics and AME’s Say no to AVEs (Advertising Value Equivalent) campaign. Analytics are an essential part of any communications plan, and this episodes explores which metrics you should be looking at and why. After all, “a million impressions doesn’t mean that a million people were impressed”. Listen in for some great insights on how to use your use your data to provide your company with valuable analytics.



25 Minutes with Robert Grace

The trade editor’s perspective: How to pivot your messaging in a virtual world

Robert Grace, a well-known reporter, writer and editor on plastics, design and sustainability, offers his perspectives on what’s working for visitors and exhibitors at virtual events, and what’s not. Join us for a wealth of insights on effectively communicating with trade media and your customers in a changing world, and why sustainability messaging is still a top draw.



25 Minutes with Karen Laird

Tips on getting your sustainability solutions noticed by trade media

Karen Laird, Editor of Sustainable Plastics, explains why a sustainability message is still so important within plastics and beyond. She offers her tips on how to get the news of your latest product launch out there, at a time when in person events are not possible. Listen in for some great B2B marketing communications insights that will help position your company within a circular economy.



Communications through a crisis and beyond

These are unprecedented times. The world of communications will inevitably change in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with a new normal being ushered in.

In this series we will look at how industrial players are navigating their way through the coronavirus turbulence, what they should do in the aftermath, and how they should prepare for the inevitable next unexpected event.

EMG crisis communications guru Gerard van der Zanden and PR and marketing specialist Holly Bentley discuss the effective steps and strategies being employed through today’s unchartered waters, tomorrow’s economic uncertainty, and what we have learned.

Hosted by broadcast journalist Chris Merrill, the four episodes in this series are brimming with actionable insights.



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