Football coming... to Rome

Quite a few things have happened since the ball started rolling in Rome on June 11th. The unreal situation during Denmark - Finland on the second day of the tournament obviously stands out, but you probably have your own highs and lows from the last couple of weeks: a few more Cristiano Ronaldo records, 16 penalties awarded and only 9 scored, countries dropping out of the tournament, some doubtful VAR decisions... but I hope you enjoyed this edition of the European Championships.

And the winner is...

Yes, Italy has won and 74% of our participants predicted this correctly (so they sat back and watched  in convidence as they knew the outcome all along, right?). But of course there can only be one overall winner and this year that's Robin Wyers with 349 points. Since the quarter finals he has been in the lead, but he could still lose his #1 position to an England fan.

Congratulations Robin and we'll ship your personalised jersey ASAP. The #2 and #3 will also receive a shirt, so keep an eye on our socials to see which team's shirt they've chosen.

Top 10 of this year's football contest

1. Robin Wyers  349
2. Fabian Herter 331
3. Jasper Krombeen  328
4. Servé Tonino 323
5. Patrick Keuleers 308
6. Tijmen Tonino 306
7. Paul Woods 295
8. Margo Gabriels 292
9. Paulien Boumans 287
10. Brigitta de Vries 286


Some statistics

Many predicted Italy to win, but nobody expected that Switzerland would beat France in the Round of 16 nor that Czech Republic would kick The Netherlands out – but with 57% of the participants from The Netherlands that might not be such a big surprise. The graphs below show how active our participants were in the last couple of weeks. The enthusiasm declined a bit after the group stage, so let's hope your country makes it to the finals next year.



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