Mindfulness in Marketing Communications

More video, more social media, more integration and more influencer marketing are some of the big B2B marketing and communications trends for 2019. If you are like us, you’ve already come across numerous blogs all telling you the same thing: you’ve got to do more, more, more!

But here’s a question for you.  Are you doing more because it’s effective or are you doing more because you’re trying to keep up with everyone else – or because the trend reports tell you everyone else is doing these things? Sure, all these trends sound exciting and have been proven to work in different situations, but trying to do them all without thinking long term can result in scattered efforts, diluted messages or, in worse case scenarios, failed attempts. 

At EMG, we take a mindfulness approach to helping our clients reach their marketing and communications goals. Of course, we want them to do more – or more precisely – achieve more, but rather than creating a list where they can check off that they are doing some social media, completed a couple of podcasts, produced a video, etc., we look strategically at each communication tool to see if it’s the right one for them and how we can maximize its impact. For us, the biggest trend has always been the customer and focusing on their needs. 

Four things we look at when working with a client and incorporating new trends into their mix are:

  1. Goal:
    Before launching any new communications endeavour, we make sure the goal is clear. For example, statistics show that people are watching more videos online so naturally you want more videos. But what is the goal of these videos? Who is the audience? What is the purpose? In other words, how are these going to help you reach you customer?
  2. Brand Integration:
    More social media is one of the trends for 2019 with Instagram being the new place for B2B marketers to reach their customers. However, before we start creating posts, think about what you have for photo content and why you want to be on the platform. Will photos of your booth help increase sales or strengthen the message behind your brand? Are you thinking to promote people, vision or product – or a mix of all three? We work with our customers to see how this platform can be best integrated into the brand and if it is the right place for their message. We know trying new media is exciting, but it needs to feel like a natural evolution for your company and your customers – and not awkward.
  3. Longevity:
    This is one of the biggest things we look at when implementing a new tactic. Yes, we can create a social media post for you, launch your podcast, set up your YouTube channel and blog, but what is the long term plan? Will it be months before you do another post or podcast, or are you ready to commit for the long haul? B2B companies excelling at social media, video and other platforms do so not because they had one great twitter post, but because they took the time to create a long-term content calendar to build consistency and the audience. We work with our clients to not only set the foundation, but plan for longevity and continued success. 
  4. Analysis:
    How can results be measured? This is the question we ask ourselves when launching a new program – whether it’s a year-long social media plan, a campaign around a product launch, an event or any other PR request we receive. The way your customers receive your message is changing and the AVE isn’t the only measurement that matters.  There are other numbers that play a role such as message reach, social interaction and exposure over time. All of these can be used to determine success.

Reaching your customers is not about doing more. It’s about being strategic in what you do and how you do it. This year, rather than following all the trends, take a step back and focus on the most important trend – the customer.


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