Keeping agile and innovative in marcom

Being agile in marketing communications is about taking calculated risks to keep innovative, and sometimes the risks aren’t always what you expect from a communications agency. Sometimes risks include implementing an idea that you know will effectively reach the audience.

In September 2004, we opened our office in China because our clients needed location communications support in the Asian Markets. With the office in Shanghai, we were able to target audiences effectively by being on the ground to connect with local media.

Also in 2004, we decided to test another new concept and organise a Pre K show press conference. To make it cost efficient and time efficient for the media, we made it a multi-client event. It was a huge success and a risk that paid off. This year, we are holding our sixth Pre K Press Event in June.  The clients and the key editors from the plastics and rubber industry love having the opportunity to meet one-on-one before the big show in the fall.

We haven’t lost our entrepreneurial spirit at EMG, and innovation has always been a part of our culture. Take for example, PressReleaseFinder. Seeing a gap in the market, we developed this online press room to provide editors with a comprehensive and easy-to-search database of press materials relating to the companies they want to keep in focus.

Managing information is another area where EMG is continuously innovating. Our EMG Portal is a proprietary online platform which offers insights and analytics to clients. Available 24/7, it allows clients to monitor the impact and targeting of their campaigns anytime and anywhere. And gives them access to their monthly content calendar that combines blog content, press releases and social media posts wherever they are so they can see what’s planned in coming weeks.

Our reporting is also evolving as communications tactics become more integrated with digital channels.  We know what’s important to our clients when it comes to industrial insights. We have always focused on quality over quantity as we know that reaching a target audience is making sure the message is not only distributed, but that it reaches the right influencer.  

Because how we communicate is constantly changing, being nimble and responsive is essential – both as a marcom agency as well as for our clients. Sometimes thinking like an entrepreneur and not solely like a communicator is a way of making sure your messages are being heard in a loud world.


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Posted by
Greg Farrett 
on April 24, 2019

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