World Cup Football – the best ever (depending who you ask)

Some lost their interest when their favourites had to leave the tournament (and some lost interest a little while earlier: when their favourites didn’t manage to qualify), but up until a week ago there was a fierce competition within EMG's World Cup Russia 2018 Football Contest. With only a couple of points difference going into the final, the outcome wasn’t decided until the final whistle blew.

Today we congratulated Jibbe Schouwenaars, who has picked a Feyenoord shirt as his prize. Mees Tonino came in second, with seven points difference, and Carlos Müller came in third, with eight points between him and the #1. Both will be receiving their prizes in the days to come.

We want to thank everyone who participated and hope you will join us again in 2020 for the European championship.

Below the official ranking:

1. Jibbe Schouwenaars 370
2. Mees Tonino 363
3. Carlos Müller 362
4. Marjolein Krombeen 352
5. Gerard Poortvliet 348
6. Walter Lommaert 340
6. Yvo Swagemakers 340
8. Fabian Herter 338
9. Jasper Krombeen 331
10. Paul Woods 330


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Posted by
Servé Tonino 
on July 23, 2018

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