Technologies may change the face of communications but not the core

At EMG, we’re welcoming the digital revolution in marketing. New technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are changing how many of our clients are reaching out to customers. We see it first-hand at tradeshows. Exhibition booths are coming to life, with particularly the major players battling to one-up one another with their immersive, engaging experiences. It’s a rapidly evolving, refreshing era in marketing communications that’s exciting our account teams.

Ramping up creativity

Clients have the opportunity to introduce new services and experiences powered by technology, transforming traditional communications and the customer journey. With data, analytics and new user tools at their fingertips, they can give their marketing operations a makeover.

And this, quite simply, gets our creative juices flowing. Why? Because we excel at delivering the right content to the right audience.

Driving business leads

It is not only technology which works, you also need relevancy and creativity to engage and support potential and existing customers through a clearly defined sales cycle that will drive business leads.

Content and stories that will trigger interest and awareness will still be at the core of all successful communications. Developing these stories requires an in-depth understanding of the needs of your audience, plus knowledge of the latest technological developments and innovations in an industry. Identifying the digital and traditional communications channels target audiences use to find information is essential; creating consistency and trust too. And never underestimate the importance of building relationships with the people behind the channels – the editors, the bloggers, the industry experts…

It’s here that communications agencies outshine the management consultancies and technology companies now penetrating marcoms territory on the back of new technology. But this shouldn’t be a battleground between functions. It should be about being effective in your approach. While the face is indeed changing, content will stay at the heart.

Data, technology and creativity

Integration and alignment of data, technology and creativity is key to engaging audiences. We’re certainly excited to be digging deep and supporting our clients in delivering marcoms that inspire. Drop us a line if you’d like to discuss….


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Posted by
Brigitta de Vries 
on June 14, 2018

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