Podcasting is a great communication tool - what are you waiting for?

People love stories and being in the know and this is what podcasts are all about. And they are growing hugely in popularity. The ever-present smartphone is home base for this content and more and more people are downloading podcast apps and listening to all kinds of specialist content.

But is podcasting effective? Wired Magazine article from the beginning of this year described podcasts as the Holy Grail for advertisers.This Ad Week article says podcasts are great at building a brand relationship with listeners. And Forbes has this on how podcasts can give you better connections with your customers.

Why are podcasts so effective? We communicate through stories – information alone leaves us cold and we can only take it in small doses before zoning out. Podcasts offer an added narrative dimension and are a great way of communicating in a way which will be remembered. Good podcasts take the listener on an emotional journey which stays with them.

Netflix for radio

Streamed, or downloaded whilst online and listened to offline whilst walking, cycling, commuting or whatever else, podcasts are on-demand audio – Netflix for radio, some say. Audio from podcasts can also be easily embedded online and shared via social media.   Podcasts are available on your smartphone via apps and are super easy to find and use. Google has also recently recognised the value of podcasts and now has its own podcasting app. Spotify is on the bandwagon too and you can get your podcast on their platform.

Podcasting for your organisation

Podcasting is also a powerful communication tool for companies and organisations.  A great way to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your field. You know your niche – why not bring the discussion in your field together in a podcast?

For example, Scott Paul, the President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, talks to manufacturing experts about his industry in a weekly podcast.

Get the questions of your stakeholders answered, embed in your social media and further grow your community. It’s a great way to profile issues you are interested in. By podcasting you are creating a new effective online channel and it can be done at a fraction of the cost of video production.

Jason Zenger, owner of ZENGERS, an industrial metalworking team, and Jim Carr, owner of CARR Machine & Tool Inc., a CNC machine shop, interview manufacturing leaders in their podcast with the goal of giving listeners a fresh look at their industry.

Thought-leaders, networking, knowledge sharing, authentic, in-depth.

Branded podcasts

Another option for companies is make a branded podcast. Pick a theme related to your business and make great content, tell great stories around that. KLM has a branded podcast called The Journey – the podcast is all about the stories and is ‘sponsored by KLM’ so the branding is clear but the stories are paramount. Tinder has a branded podcast on dating and there are many others. For manufacturing,  branded podcasts on themes like the ‘energy revolution’, ‘sustainability’ or ‘ethical business’ or ‘women in industry’ could be great themes. Choose a great name for your podcast – make great content and have your brand ride on the coat-tails.

Podcasts for internal communication

Tell the stories in your company, bring colleagues closer together by getting to know their back stories and build a stronger team spirit. Think of it as working on the social capital of your team – studies show this improves the bottom line. Or simply use the podcast to get vital information out across a workforce split across different locations, nationally or globally.


Podcasts are versatile and can be used for a range of strategic communication goals. Embed them in your overall communication strategy and commit to them and they will pay rewards. In the US podcasts are everywhere and Europe is catching up fast – so, what are you waiting for?


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Posted by
Andy Clark 
on December 6, 2018

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