New website: what else is new?

Anouncing a new website is something you’d do in the 00’s. Nowadays, people are used to a long list of weekly upgrades on their mobile phones, which are installed automatically and are probably not even noticed. Websites are following that trend – some sites even become apps. Obviously content is being added and updated on a regular basis, that’s probably the core of the world wide web, but also functional changes get implemented on an ongoing basis without (most) users noticing.

The tools and services to create websites or web applications have evolved a lot since the first EMG website was launched in the year 2000: ready to be viewed in Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4 – probably at a 640x480 screen… (If you want to refresh your memory, the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive allows you to take a trip down memory lane.)

One of the key reasons for EMG's current redesign is to make sure the site is easily accessible from narrow mobile phone screens to ultra-wide desktop computers, but we also had various integration needs, from marketing automation, campaign management to – of course – the media releases fed from PressReleaseFinder.

But, as stated at the very beginning of this piece, writing about all this is old school, so instead I’ve created a new school Kahoot quiz. Have fun.

(If you do not have kids in the age range between 6 and 16, you may not have heard about Kahoot before. It’s a free tool used in a lot of classrooms around the world to organise a quick multiple choice test to convey information which you and I have learned from text books. If you ever need to entertain an audience which has seen it all, why not give it a try. It’s designed for a class or conference room, but you can also join it in challenge mode. Let me know if you need pointers to get you going.)


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