Media Intelligence = Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence supports better decision making. The technology-driven process of collecting, storing and analysing data is something PR professionals have been embracing for years – through media monitoring and evaluation. It’s a support service welcomed by almost 100% of our clients as media intelligence is regarded now as a major form of business intelligence.

Monitoring of social media as well as traditional trade media offers insight into what the industry and existing and potential customers are saying about you. It provides support on multiple levels that can help steer your business. It shows what your target audience is interested in, and likewise what doesn’t float their boat. You get a better feel of current media perceptions and whether your stories are going down well with editors.

Identify brand sentiment on social media chatter, cross-reference it against share-of-voice (SOV) analysis in trade media, and you have a big opportunity to become more customer centric in the products/services you develop and, importantly, how you communicate them. Our client Clariant, for example, works closely with EMG to measure the effectiveness of individual media projects. It enables them to see what works well and where there is scope for a different tactic. You can read all about the scope of their internal online media reporting service.

To engage EMG’s support and take advantage of media intelligence to enhance your business intelligence, contact me.


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Posted by
Siria Nielsen 
on November 14, 2018

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