Integrated project management: Creating the new EMG office

When, in 2017, we evaluated our working practices, it became abundantly clear that EMG needed to adapt its working environment: more workstations, open and flexible work spaces provide easier interaction for our teams, more rooms to call clients and editors – and plenty of areas for formal and informal client and team meetings.

The project was a complex one. We knew from the start that there were many aspects to consider. So once the decision was made to go ahead, the EMG implementation team applied its project management skills to get the job done. Key tasks involved selecting and negotiating with designers, builders and decorators; finding an off-site location for 30 staff; re-locating and ensuring uninterrupted internet and phone access – maintaining business as usual and ensuring the well-being of the team throughout the 6 weeks required.

Thankfully we are used to tight deadlines. So we simply approached this project in much the same way we would handle a client’s trade show presence or customer event: creating and sticking to an agreed plan while at the same time retaining the flexibility to handle changes and/or issues along the way. With team work and the right spirit, the plan was successfully implemented – on time and within budget.

The EMG team have now returned to their new working environment and their responses are unanimously positive. Though our office has always been relatively efficient, I think it’s now stimulating, comfortable and planned-out for maximum performance.


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Posted by
Marianne Schouwenaars 
on May 3, 2018

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