Hilmar Backer about EMG:
"EMG is very well suited to work within the vertical industries we want to touch."

Clearly defined goals & chemistry...it takes two to tango

Posted by Kevin Noels on October 18, 2018


After more than 10 years of working with SABIC’s plastics and polymers business units, in 2018 we were delighted to extend our support and welcome SABIC’s Specialties SBU as a new EMG Group client. 

The global PR Programme is already underway. From a starting point of clearly defined goals, together we’ve established a global press office, undertaken counselling to create messaging and a proactive communications strategy from the outset, and our on-going content development is helping the SBU to embrace the digital and narrative-focused age of communications. We’re also providing media analytics and reporting to make future tactics as responsive and creative as possible.

Bringing SABIC Specialties on-board is wonderful testimony to the value we place on developing a close agency/client relationship. Our account teams nurture this as much as possible, as we find it really is the best way to provide effective support where and when it matters.

And our clients appreciate it too. Check out this video for insight into why SABIC’s Hilmar Backer, Senior Manager Marketing Communications Specialties, feels very connected, as he shares his thoughts on how EMG’s skill set, extensive industry understanding and contacts reduce the complexity of reaching its many different vertical sector audiences.



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