EMG rolls out all-new www.prf.cn for Chinese media

EMG rolls out all-new www.prf.cn for Chinese media

Posted by John Gallagher on November 28, 2017


Originally launched in China in 2004, EMG’s online media portal www.prf.cn was a true pioneer in the digital content space and has enjoyed tremendous success providing news and related content for media users in China.

This month an all new PRF platform has been launched in China to keep apace of the fast evolving digital world.  The new look PRF is designed to be far more mobile-friendly meeting the demand for news and content consumption on the move via smartphone.

With improved navigation PRF is easier to read on both phones and wide screen computer screens, searchable from every page and scrollable until the content runs dry.

A bulleted list of headlines has been replaced with eye-catching visuals, drawing the user towards the mobile friendly web version of the full release.

We hope you enjoy the site and welcome your feedback. Because in the end, it’s all about delivering your content to the local media community, here in China.


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