300,000 and counting

Last month we reached the milestone of 300,000 media articles monitored. Our numbering dates back from the year 2000, when we still used scissors and glue to capture our client’s media activity. It took us over nine years to reach the first milestone of 100,000 and seven years to triple that.

But we didn’t just move from scissors and glue to screenshots and PDFs. The ability to analyse metadata, such as related press releases, industries reached and key message pick-up, almost in real time has revolutionised the way we report and analyse the effectiveness of our media outreach activity. Printed reports became bundled PDFs, but now we supply charts and drilldowns on dashboards and in executive e-mail reports.

In these digital days it is far easier to collect data, but the huge amount of numbers and figures doesn’t necessarily make the analyses easier to compile or comprehend. Comparing like for like is easier said than done. That’s why we link the coverage to the material published, use tier ratings to distinguish quality media from automatic postings and offer competitive analysis, both quantitative and qualitative.


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ServĂ© Tonino 
on May 18, 2017

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