Our own story in our own voices

Our own story in our own voices

Posted by Willem van de Velde on December 1, 2016


During the past 25 years, the EMG team has handled thousands of projects for hundreds of industrial clients around the world. We have come a long way. Whether we call it the information age or the digital revolution, we find ourselves in the middle of a process that continues to amaze and fascinate those of us who still recollect old office technology such as Dictaphones, tipp-ex and office memos. The technology has changed, and we can access information faster than ever before. But simply because there is more information available to us, does that automatically make everything more interesting, or are we at risk of drowning in a sea of ephemeral trivia? Will anything ever replace the art of the narrative? The medium may change many times, but surely there is nothing more compelling than a story well told.

To mark our 25 years in business, we wanted to tell the EMG story – using a timeline and the voices of our team.


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