Recovering from World Cup Mania

What began one month ago on 12 June has been a long, climactic journey, full of fun banter with friends and unpredictable outcomes, culminating on Sunday in the final match between Germany and Argentina.

With a final prediction of Germany as the champions, Anouk Luykx is the winner of our 2014 World Cup contest!

We want to thank everyone who participated, including the World Cup winning team, and hats off to Anouk Luykx for taking home a team jersey of choice with 399 points!

A total of 64 matches were played during the World Cup. This means we’ve watched an astonishing 5,760 minutes of football or 96 hours – 56 hours more than the average working week! But, the morale and camaraderie is worth every minute spent.

With late night get-togethers to watch the matches with friends (who we hope are still your friends) and family (who have no choice), and early mornings to the office, it will take us one more month to recover from the World Cup excitement. Here are our top picks for a quick recovery:

  1. Hit the hay early, or at least on time
  2. Read up on game stats on FIFA's website to keep the adrenaline pumping and compare performance between different teams and players
  3. Watch Nike’s The Last Game commercial. Over, and over and over …
  4. Check out these legendary World Cup moments, mapped out by graphic designer Rick Hincks on Mashable
  5. Call EMG
  6. De-clutter your inbox with one of these apps
  7. Review your to-do list and calendar
  8. Get your fitness routine back on track with these football strength training exercises
  9. Catch up on your communications reading with one of these books
  10. BBQ outside and enjoy the sunshine!


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