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Having your story is only half the battle, once you have your press release or article on paper, the real work starts: from identifying relevant publications and websites, to getting in touch with key editors and writers, offering additional information, interviews and photographs. Some parts of the process can be automated – but most of it relies on personal relationships and follow-up. In this blog we look at the art of delivery and style when pitching to the media.

The art of articles – and their delivery
When it comes to pitching and placing in-depth or technical articles you really need to know what you are doing. It is here that EMG stands out. Our understanding of the industry and trending topics helps us to guide our customers on which stories will gain traction and which will not. And once we have the story, our experience and knowledge help us to identify the right outlets for it, so that we reach the required audience at the right time: just before the big trade show, or on-topic for that special feature.

At EMG we have a massive proprietary database, the EMG Media Information Centre™ – which has taken more than 20 years to create and is being updated every day. It houses over 10,000 trade media listings and contacts for Europe, the Americas and China. But a list on its own is meaningless. Thanks to our personal knowledge and relationships with the media, we are able to tailor distribution lists to suit each release and story – so that only those media who are likely to want the story will receive it. Through our day-to-day working relationships with the key trade media editors we know which ones to speak to about a particular story we know they will find compelling.

This is framed in a structured process of developing editorial planning schedules that match client stories and topics with the publishing schedules of the media – so we know when a particular story is going to best fit with an editor’s planning.

Oh – and just a few words about style.
Willem van de Velde: “We know from experience that many companies create and offer editors articles that are simply too commercial in tone or content. They expect editors to re-draft and re-format the piece so it fits their magazine or website format, which can be a lot of work. With EMG as the fulcrum, we will find the best balance for both client and editor. We know how to draft to specification, gain approvals on the way – and deliver the right messaging and the right word count on time in a professional manner.”
In the end, there is no magic. It’s simply a case of knowing where to go, what to say – and who to talk to. Our list of specialist trade media and websites is second to none. It gives us insight into new opportunities and special features that are coming up – and allows us to prepare contributions well ahead of their deadlines. And when it comes to talking to editors – that is our business and we love it.


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Posted by
Nancy van Heesewijk 
on October 8, 2014

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