Keep Calm and Communicate on

As part of our annual voice of the customer survey, we spoke to 40 marketing and communications professionals. Digital transformation and disruption were front of everyone’s mind. Every respondent mentioned the increasingly faster pace of marketing and a lack of time. From those in-depth interviews, six commonalities emerged;

  1. Ideas rich, but time and resource starved
  2. Committed to content
  3. Struggling with audience segmentation
  4. Contending with digital disruption
  5. Exploring social selling
  6. Expected to demonstrate ROI, effectiveness and the value-add of communications

In addition, it’s also often left down to marketing and communications teams to guide their companies through these fast-paced times. No industry or sector is immune. We all have to embrace it or be left behind. But we’re a hardy bunch though, so it is time to keep calm and communicate on!