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EMG's 4th Customer Summit focuses on Account Based Marketing

Posted by Greg Farrett on May 22, 2019


Understanding your customers is at the heart of an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy and is especially applicable in a B2B business environment where customers require (and sometimes even demand) your understanding of their business, and provide them with tailored solutions. A reason for EMG to focus on the topic for our 4th annual EMG Customer Summit, which was held last week in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands.

The event was attended by communications professionals, representing several leading industrial technology companies. In his introduction, EMG CEO Greg Farrett highlighted how ABM is increasingly being adopted by B2B marketeers and communicators to build deeper engagement with their customers.

The full day’s programme included presentations by 3 experts in ABM and communications:

Shane Redding, Digital (@shaneRddng), Direct and Data Marketing Consultant, Think Direct Ltd., illustrated how ABM can help improve communications and build deeper relationships - and gave a number of examples. According to Shane, companies use Account Based Marketing to increase revenue, increase pipeline and create a tighter sales and marketing alignment. ABM works best when you put the customer at the heart of what you do.

Andy Bacon (@AndyBacon), Strategic Marketing Consultant and ABM Specialist, highlighted how data and insight can be used to drive lasting engagement. Andy pointed out that ABM is not new. It is the catalyst to best practice marketing - delivering a bespoke proposition to individual customers.

Michelle Ponto (@mponto), Content Strategy Director, EMG, demonstrated how communicators need to tune in on what the customer wants to hear, and not what we wish to say. Michelle said that using a customer’s data not only allows you to create content that resonates with that client, but intertwines your brand with that particular customer’s story to create a history – and hopefully a shared future.

To download the Customer Summit 2019 presentations, follow this link and to read more about ABM, read this article on our site.


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