Create and capture value

The business world is tough – and getting tougher. Companies face growing pressure to commoditize their products, purchasers are more demanding and professional, and every day we face increased and more capable competition.

And yet, most customers still do not buy on price alone. This actually presents an opportunity. How?  By quantifying benefits and value and by communicating a compelling value proposition more effectively.


Creating and Capturing Value: Segment → Differentiate → Value Price

In today’s B2B environment, it is essential to understand what the customer is WILLING to pay for. Need and value-based segmentation leads to more relevant differentiated offerings that can then be priced to value. Find out how and see some industry-relevant,  actual business cases where success has been achieved.


Communicating Value: an ongoing dialogue in b2b

Our potential customers receive hundreds of commercial messages every day. If we want them to remember and appreciate the value we can bring to their business, we need to be telling them a credible and compelling story, which is more than a few anecdotes or client credentials. To captivate an audience, you need to tell stories that are relevant, relatable and repeatable for each segment you serve.


Join us

Attend our seminar to learn more about Value Based Marketing & Communication with presentations by

  • Phil Allen, probably the most experienced marketing-educated marketing & sales excellence and Customer Value Management practitioner in global chemicals and plastics markets
  • EMG, the eading b2b/industrial communications specialist with genuine plastics and chemical industry know-how


Save the date and book your seat

Date: Wednesday 15th October 2014 16h00 – 18h00
Place: Room Stockholm, Conference Centre East (TBC), Fakuma, Friedrichshafen, Germany

We believe this will be a valuable investment of your time during the show.  Admission is free of charge, but we would ask you to reserve your place as seats are limited.


We look forward to seeing you in Friedrichshafen.



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