Inspire your B2B brand strategy with informative insights

By maintaining visibility over both the market and potential competitors, your company or specific business unit can obtain key insights and information that can help to steer any marketing strategy in a coherent, informed direction.

At EMG, we have over 30 years of media analytics and industry metric experience that has been focused on monitoring what is happening within the industrial technology space. Our market analysis and competitor research team can...

  • Provide a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Identify new customers
  • Uncover new business opportunities
  • Create relevant marketing materials
  • Outperform competitors
  • Improve decision making


Market and competitor research equals big business

At EMG, we’re working tirelessly to ensure our clients are able to use marketing and competitor research to their advantage. In bolstering our customers’ integrated B2B marketing communications strategies, we’re able to provide a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge media and industry analytics, monitoring, reporting and trend analysis technologies.

Underpinning our offering is our in-house, market-leading set of CommsTech tools that make the planning, segmentation and monitoring of marketing and communications campaigns as efficient, accessible and insightful as possible.

These technologies transform our ability to evaluate results, return on investment, areas for improvement and, ultimately, enhance the added value of our customers’ marketing efforts.

Our key range of market and competitor research services include:

  • Media coverage analysis
  • Regional and industry specific media landscaping
  • Share of voice comparison
  • Campaign impact monitoring and review