Counsel is a two way street

Understanding your pain points is the starting point for an effective campaign

What’s the plan? A simple question, but sometimes hard to answer.

Understanding your business problem is our starting point in figuring out your communications strategy. Once a framework is agreed we will work with you to develop corporate, product and issues messaging, then a content strategy and integrated campaigns to support your commercial objectives.

If your strategy is already in place, that’s fine too. But expect us to kick the tyres and challenge you if we think it needs fine tuning. Or, if you just want to put your team through its paces, we offer a full curriculum of communications training from message development, creative writing through to crisis communications drills.

Counsel is a two way street. We will always give you pragmatic, no-nonsense guidance and feedback. And we expect the same in return from our clients.








Rikke Wivel

Rikke is passionate about giving our clients a creative edge. Let her visionary marketing strategies inspire your next campaign.

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