Branding and product positioning for B2B enterprises

From effective storytelling and B2B content marketing to brand positioning and video advertising, there are many ways that industrial companies can increase the chances of their new products and innovations being a hit with their specific B2B target audience.

EMG specializes in communications and public relations for industrial companies such as those in the chemical, plastics, packaging, medical and food ingredients sectors. Our expert knowledge of your market enables us to create compelling branding and positioning campaigns to reach your target customer.


Maximize your brand and product potential with EMG

EMG supports industrial enterprises with brand positioning and product launches.

We are an agile, responsive B2B communications agency made up of branding, marketing and sector-specific experts who combine to create the perfect team to take your innovations to market with a bang.

We provide a range of brand and product communications services, covering the full spectrum of what is required to successfully elevate your brand and/or launch new products to the B2B marketplace.

Such services include:

  • Brand positioning workshops
  • Content marketing such as articles and blogs
  • Storytelling
  • Marketing collateral
  • Advertising
  • Video
  • Sustainability workshops
  • (Micro) websites and landing pages

With over three decades of experience behind us, we have the expertise and knowhow to bring the best out of your brand and gain maximum exposure for your products.