B2B marketing for industrial materials companies

EMG provides the marketing and communications building blocks for materials manufacturers and parts suppliers across the globe.

Whether it’s connecting glass and specialty metal manufacturers or communicating the advanced adhesives and electronics developed by engineers working in some of the most innovative materials companies in the world, our team of marketing professionals are ready and able to help you get your message where it needs to go.

For over 30 years, EMG has been providing PR and customized marketing solutions to support all manner of materials manufacturing, be it electronics, automobiles or countless things in between.


Giving a voice to components and parts producers

EMG provides a platform for supply chain contributors to tell their stories with an extensive suite of marketing and communications services for industrial materials enterprises.

We appreciate and understand the complexities and niches that you and your customer in the various materials sectors operate in.

Our teams are comprised of multi-skilled marketing specialists, which is complimented by our highly specialised network of subject matter experts . Together, we provide 360 degree communications solutions to meet any B2B materials marketing requirements.

One aspect that makes us special as a communications agency, is our deep connection with major international trade media. This is further enhanced by our strategically located hubs in Europe and Asia, which enables us to provide the breadth of coverage your organization needs.

We have helped numerous enterprises in the materials industry to manage their trade relations, develop websites and attend events. These range from expert glass manufacturers, construction materials providers and labelling materials innovators to adhesive experts, electrical and electronics components players and flame retardants specialists.

To discover more about how we help companies in the materials industry to thrive, see our client success stories below...