Finding the perfect formula for chemical industry marketing

We specialize in PR and communications strategies for the chemical industry.

Whether your company manufactures ingredients for vital medicines or produces specialty chemical additives that make the innovative materials used in construction, transportation and other sectors stronger, UV resistant, bio-degradable and more, the expert team at EMG is here to create a communications strategy that educates, inspires and connects you with your target customer.   


Our chemical communications track record

EMG specializes in media relations and strategic marketing for companies from all sectors of the chemical industry. We understand that your product is highly specialized and targeted to a niche audience. This is why many of our writers and content creators come from well-known chemical journals and have PhDs or advanced degrees in chemistry or related fields.

Over the last 30 years, we have built up our reputation as being PR and marketing experts in this area, and have long-standing relationships working with some of the world’s leading specialty chemistry companies on their communications programs. These range from positioning and press release distribution to product launches, social media campaigns and webinars.

At EMG, we are made up of marketing specialists and people with explicit experience operating in this sector – this unrivalled combination of expertise, we feel, creates the perfect formula for speciality chemical companies to market themselves to the people and businesses that matter to them most.

See how EMG successfully partners with customers in the chemical industry...