Multichannel marketing content that speaks to your audience

Content is king for a reason. Activity worth $36.7 billion in 2018, the amount being spent on content marketing is expected to surpass $107.6 billion by 2026.

While the numbers may appear impressive, this means it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise, especially if businesses adopt a quantity over quality approach to their digital content strategy.

EMG is a skilled B2B content marketing agency. Specialised in supporting companies operating across industrial sectors with written, visual and audio-based content, we have the expertise within our in-house team and external network of experts to execute your B2B content strategy.




How can my B2B content stand out from the crowd?

Without marketing content that focusses on quality and provides genuine value to its target audience, a business will automatically limit the reach of its content strategy.  

Quality B2B content should...

  • Provide informative value to its audience
  • Concisely answer a question or series of questions
  • Leave readers, viewers and listeners with a lasting impression
  • Master the basics of simple language, correct spelling and clean grammar
  • Be produced with a clear goal in mind

Ranging from a lack of focus and poor SEO ranking to sloppy spelling and inferior content quality, there are many ways in which blogs, videos, podcasts and press releases and other communication pieces can be drowned out by competing brand marketing.  


Execute your digital strategy with EMG

As a content marketing agency specialising in industrial sectors, we know how to produce quality B2B content that resonates with your audience.

We know your horizontal and vertical markets, key industry trends and how to create branding content that reflects the values your company prides itself on – while positioning your company as a true thought leader within your field.

With an extensive suite of content marketing services, EMG can help to unravel your business’s story and narrative, and package it for use across multiple internal and external marketing channels, providing you with a truly comprehensive, creative and effective B2B communications strategy.

We offer a comprehensive suite of content creation services, including:

  • Blog writing
  • White papers and e-books
  • eDM campaigns
  • Press releases
  • Website content
  • Sales content and marketing collateral 
  • Events
  • Webinars
  • Advertorials
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts