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Measuring the success of your marketing communications campaign through the diversity of press coverage, online hits or positioning among influencer programs is essential. We use a wide suite of tools to help us monitor results, return on investment and ultimately demonstrate the true added value of your marketing efforts.


Business Intelligence supports better decision making. The technology-driven process of collecting, storing and analysing data is something PR professionals have been embracing for years &n...


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It comes as no surprise that communications directors told us they are constantly being challenged to demonstrate the value of communications.


Media Monitoring Strategy

24 Oct 2017

Does it count?

When evaluating results of your work, stepping away from ‘success theatre’ and starting to count what really counts and measuring for learning instead can be scary. But in the e...


Media Relations Media Monitoring Strategy

18 May 2017

300,000 and counting

Last month we reached the milestone of 300,000 media articles monitored. Our numbering dates back from the year 2000, when we still used scissors and glue to capture our client’s medi...


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To provide clients with a comprehensive overview of press coverage and, if required, insight into competitive and other relevant information, EMG has developed a proprietary media monitorin...


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A few weeks ago I read an article about Dark Social. To some the buzz word for 2015 – or at least at the time of publishing. 


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If you want to promote your business online, you need a good story.  Why? Because copy pushed out by companies (and PR agencies) is often produced in the mistaken belief that everyone ...


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