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If done correctly, SEO is an organic way of having your B2B website or blog rise to the top of search engines without having to pay for it to be there.  But before you can make your content SE...


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Malaysia is often positioned as the gateway to Asia. With a  constitutional monarchy of some 31.6 million people, the country is a melting pot with primarily Malay, Chinese and Indian demograp...


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It is conference & trade show season, which means many of you have been planning for months every detail that goes into making sure the event is successful. You’ve developed the theme, wo...


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More video, more social media, more integration, more influencer marketing are some of the big B2B marketing and communications trends for 2019. If you are like us, you’ve already come across...


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Faced with today’s ever-evolving digital B2B marketplace, where 94% of buyers research online when checking out service providers, it can be tricky to identify your optimum targets – es...


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People love stories and being in the know and this is what podcasts are all about. And they are growing hugely in popularity. The ever-present smartphone is home base for this content and...


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Announcing a new website is something you’d do in the 00’s. Nowadays, people are used to a long list of weekly upgrades on their mobile phones, which are installed automatically and are...


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During your last workday, how many times did you sneak a peek at your LinkedIn page, your Twitter feed or your Facebook timeline? Probably a little more often than you would like to admit. Staying ...


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At EMG, we’re welcoming the digital revolution in marketing. New technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are changing how many of our clients are reaching out to cus...


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23 May 2018

Keep Calm!

You might have noticed the ‘Keep Calm and Communicate On’ logo that has appeared on our email signatures? If you click through you’ll find some great thinking from across the team...


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