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Measuring and evaluating your communication efforts is essential when showing success of a campaign – and so is ensuring your message is reaching a quality audience. Having the tools that enable you monitor and segment can bring your marketing strategies to the next level. Some examples of the benefits of our highly efficient and accessible CommTech solutions are described here.


Here it is. The silver bullet for measuring and evaluating public relations is to be honest and be insightful. There is no holy grail that will solve your measurement challenges. You will need to t...


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19 Mar 2018

Committing to CommsTech

The chances are that if you’re a marketing director and reading this story, you’re taking a quick break from a CRM implementation meeting! Almost half of the people we spoke with during...


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Fan or not, meetings are a fundamental part of modern business culture. On average 11 million are held EACH DAY in the US  alone! Certainly in the B2B world, relationship building wouldn&rsquo...


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Launching an online ordering facility for customers is one thing, building a corporate website is, often, quite something else. The conundrum is that on the one hand you want to make it easy for cu...


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18 May 2017

300,000 and counting

Last month we reached the milestone of 300,000 media articles monitored. Our numbering dates back from the year 2000, when we still used scissors and glue to capture our client’s media activi...


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