Transition from PR to Marcom

With advances in technology, communication now moves at the speed of light. We no longer wait for our news or information, but have it at our fingertips at all times. Today, the seamless blending of digital media with print and more traditional media is how we communicate – as B2B businesses, as customers, as communications professionals and even in our personal lives.

We founded EMG in 1991 as a communications agency specializing in developing results-driven content marketing and influencer programmes for industrial technology companies. We have kept that focus and have used our industry knowledge, communications expertise and international reach to become a trusted partner for our clients to create their story, connect with their audience and contribute to their success.

Building on that foundation, EMG grew as communications tactics advanced.  With the introduction of the internet, email and corporate websites, the world became smaller – and creating, communicating and connecting with the audience became even more important. Being able to cut through the noise to ensure the message reached both the media and customers means campaigns need to be multifaceted and need to reach global audiences.

Seamless blend of traditional media and digital media

Today, communicating to the audience is not solely about sending out a targeted press release – although that still is an element of a campaign.  Instead, PR has become “Marcom”, which includes understanding the business strategy, developing the message, creating the right content to communicate the message and dispersing the message on various channels to connect with the intended audience – whether it’s print, digital, social, multimedia, or physical touch points at events and conferences, or all of the above.

The change in the industry over the last two decades has impacted not only how we work as a communications agency, but  also our own brand at EMG. We too have evolved over the years, and this year, we transitioned from EMG PR to EMG Marcom to adequately reflect our services.

But while our company brand and website address has changed, marcom is essentially something we’ve always been doing. We have always been focused on storytelling and creating content that resonates with the audience.  And being able to tell the story on multiple platforms, in multiple ways to connect with the target audience, whenever and however they want to access it is an important aspect of doing that.

Connecting audiences is where we excel. It involves creating the right content, communicating the right messaging and using our in-depth specialized knowledge of industrial technology sectors to reach the audience. We are linked into the pulse of these industries.  We understand the customers, have strong relationships to the key players in the media and the influencers, and know the stories they are looking to cover. We also know that events are essential in this area and the importance of aligning content across all communications platforms. But, most importantly, we know how to clearly tell the story in a compelling way and can leverage our contacts to target it to the right audience.


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Posted by
Greg Farrett 
on April 24, 2019

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