Challenging the status quo

While we know that press releases and trade interviews are here to stay, we also know how buyers gather information to make their buying decisions has evolved, and it extends beyond traditional media outlets.  Social media, video, webinars, podcasts and even a simple google search can influence their decision. 

At EMG, we have always been a content creation driven marcom agency and set up this business at a time when many companies began to see the opportunities offered by the single common market. However, marketing and communications managers soon realised that single market did not mean ‘single message’. This was something we knew even before our clients realised it was happening, and were ready to help them move into new communications arenas.

For example, with a number of our clients, we helped them move into the realm of social media, whether it’s been providing social media support and content leading up to and during exhibitions or customized training on trends, LinkedIn and best practices.  For some organizations, we take care of their social media platforms for them. This includes monthly content calendars, social media posts, blog content and analytics.

Social media is only one example. We’ve helped launch student challenges, setup and ran discussion forums, worked with clients on podcasts and setting up a webinar series, designed and managed exhibition stands, directed booth videos at trade shows and much more. The problems of today’s B2B communications team are ours to solve.  Our clients want us to challenge the status quo. They want to get to the next level and encourage us to explore new opportunities and ways of thinking.

This challenge is inspirational to the entire EMG Marcom team.  It’s allowing us to do what we do best: create, connect and communicate.


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Posted by
Greg Farrett 
on April 24, 2019

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