Nurturing green technology

Visit to Green Chemistry Campus

Posted by ServĂ© Tonino on November 26, 2018


Instead of having our usual monthly meeting, we’ve visited the Green Chemistry Campus last week: just a kilometre down the road from EMG, at the heart of the Biobased Delta. Most of us had never heard of either organisation, but now we know a lot more about the green future ahead of us.

The south-western Netherlands region is rich in agrofood/horticulture and chemical companies, but the natural interaction between these industries is quite limited. That’s where the Biobased Delta comes in: a wide range of organisations (businesses, knowledge institutions and government bodies) are combining their forces to reduce CO2 emission and to facilitate the transition to the biobased economy.

The Biobased Delta is headquartered in Bergen op Zoom, which coincidently is also the home of the Green Chemistry Campus. It’s located on the edge of the SABIC site and therefore fully equipped to scale up biobased innovations when it comes to infrastructure, permits and possibilities. During our visit we were able to take a sneak preview of the demo facility, where biobased start-up companies can grow ideas and – in the years to come –  harvest new technologies and applications.



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