Keep Calm!

You might have noticed the ‘Keep Calm and Communicate On’ logo that has appeared on our email signatures. If you click through you’ll find some great thinking from across the team that reflects on our latest customer survey.

Time and specifically the lack of it, was a theme that ran through all 50 interviews we conducted. Some clients are responding by developing agile marketing strategies, but at the other end, we heard that some are struggling to keep up – especially when it comes to audience segmentation and selecting the right channels.

The combination of digital initiatives, new content formats, reductions in both budget and headcount. Plus customer journeys following new unbeaten paths, means that things can seem to be taking place at breakneck speed.

While it’s great to see momentum and innovation in B2B and industrial technology communications, it’s equally important to keep calm. We can all benefit from slowing down a little to gain perspective and insights. Creating time to plan a structured approach to the disruption and transformation we all face.

If you took part in last year’s customer survey, thank you. It is a valuable tool for us as a business. If you want to share your thoughts about the communication challenges in the 21st century, I invite you to continue the dialogue.


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Posted by
Greg Farrett 
on May 23, 2018

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