Creating physical touchpoints that strengthen your (online) marketing

It’s a cliché story. A couple shares a table at a restaurant – each holding a smartphone, each fully engrossed in their respective digital worlds. Suddenly, one of their phones pings – a message – from the other: “pass the salt please”. Let’s face it, some things are better done in person.

These days there are plenty of opportunities to create (digital) touchpoints with your company’s brand. The technological developments over the past decade have multiplied the communication tools and channels on the one side; and puts potential customers in the driving seat on the other side; they make their own choices and decide if, when and how much they want to engage with your company’s brand.

To drive engagement we believe in integrated marketing communications - selecting the best combination of communication channels to deliver the brand messaging and experience to all potential customers at every stage of their customer journey across different geographies.

It is the combination of different communications tools and channels that defines a good marketing campaign. To create integrated marketing campaigns effectively we have partnered with different experts around the world – such as EMG - to manage a coherent brand experience across the different channels.

Creating the right environment

You cannot overestimate the value of a well thought-through exhibition space that allows you to integrate the full force of your marketing into your display and helps to make your story more compelling and convincing. Smart design not only creates the perfect environment to enhance your brand values, it also leads visitors through a clearly defined sales cycle: Exploration, Research and Decision Making.

This process will inevitably get to a point where a decision is made and the customer commits – or not. It is important to be physically present at this critical moment, so to complete the customer experience we need to create a face-to-face encounter. After all, nothing is more convincing than personal interaction – no digital platform can replace human contact. Of course, after making the commitment, the customer’s journey continues and you will want to get the most out of every inch of the way, so finding the right balance between digital and physical touchpoints is essential.

Aligning digital and physical touchpoints

When clients invest in physical brand experiences during events and trade shows, they need to be confident that their customers’ experiences will be consistent with the brand messaging across digital touch points. We do this by creating aligned digital and physical touchpoints across the customer journey anywhere in the world. From positioning and message development to storytelling, we can support message delivery by designing exhibits, interiors and events that make stories come alive at the physical meeting place, where key decisions are made.




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Posted by
Jochem van Schayk 
on September 6, 2018

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