Welcome the expanding international face of packaging: it’s here to stay

The international nature of today’s packaging industry is impossible to ignore; borne out by the record number of exhibitors and visitors who travelled to Düsseldorf from abroad for Interpack 2017. It talks to EMG’s strengths and deep understanding of the industry, with companies in the materials, application and equipment sectors looking for our help to gain a share of the voice.

Getting your voice heard

EMG has consistently supported clients at Interpack (since 2008) and also other important packaging related events like Pack Expo in the US and Labelexpo Europe, which is scheduled again for September 25-28 in Brussels.

Interpack 2017 was a record-setter for us too. We arranged in excess of 100 media interactions across our four participating client companies, spanning one-to-one interviews to press conferences. That’s the most we’ve ever achieved at the leading industry event. The depth of our contacts with the media have already resulted in significant coverage.

We put such success down to our understanding of the industry’s value chain, which allows us to work with both new and existing clients as they adapt to the new market opportunities.

Trend-addressing USPs

When advising on an effective media relations strategy, placing emphasis on the response to current and emerging trends can capture news interest. For example: their role in the growing digital printing sphere and the speed and flexibility it is bringing to the FMCG sector. Equipment manufacturers’ response to IoT and Factory 4.0, the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). The ground being gained on more sustainably sourced and processed materials to address the shift towards greater food safety and waste reduction. These are all hot topics defining future direction in the packaging industry.

Don’t be shy: think broadly

Customer challenges and trends are moving from regional to global. Lines are merging between the business and consumer worlds. Creating an impression of where specific technological innovations or packaging development fit into the big picture needs of the industry and society can get the particular value across to a much broader audience. With the continuing growth of the industry, focusing on where and how you make a difference is a good way to be heard.  It’s the approach we are taking to support our clients.

If you’re interested in exploring a proactive media relations programme to build editor contacts and gain a share of the packaging industry voice, please get in contact.



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Posted by
Greg Farrett 
on July 4, 2017

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