What does the C-Suite want to see?

The right metrics for the right audience.

The first principle of any campaign is to agree on the goals and measureable outcomes that will determine success. Today agencies, communicators and marketers are able to track multiple touch points with the media, influencers and customers.  At EMG our client portal enables us to host and share in-depth campaign metrics across organizations in the form of customized dashboards, heat maps and infographics all tailored to specific outcomes.

The question we are increasingly asking ourselves is – What does the C-Suite really want to see?

Metrics often imply an emphasis on volume which looks great on the charts. But is this important, was this really the goal that we set-out to achieve. Getting this right is about having the courage to report what is important rather than everything you have.

Each company will have specific outcomes it wants to track such as volume and reach; however, key message penetration, tonality and SOV together with year-on-year or quarter-on quarter comparisons, are what matters to the C-suite. Bringing these metrics to life with a sample of that major feature article and how it was replicated in the other key markets can be more impressive than just a dashboard of data. Today the ultimate objective of both communications and marketing teams is lead generation, achieving this is about having the best content shared on the right channels.

For the C-suite, clear presentation of targeted outcomes whether they are achieved online or offline can ultimately position communications as a profit centre vs a cost centre. 


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Posted by
Greg Farrett 
on July 13, 2016

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