Guardian Industries choosing EMG: as clear as glass

Guardian Industries choosing EMG: as clear as glass

Posted by Brigitta de Vries on August 4, 2015


Earlier this year we started working for Guardian Industries Glass Group, one of the largest manufacturers of glass in the world (check the press release for the official announcement).

We’ll be working on various projects, but the logical first step was the development of Guardian Industries’ European messaging framework to align positioning, USPs, key messages, topics and story outlines. This approach creates the basis for a continuous flow of communications that delivers their value proposition to all target audiences.

The first wave of communications will be a combination of internal and external newsletters, brochures and various other sales tools. And we won’t forget the trade media and will reach an even wider audience through magazines and websites within their own industry and any other industry which uses glass to make their products transparent (or opaque).


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