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When Clariant recently held its very first Sustainability Dialog Day, the event represented a very bold move, bringing together various partners right across the value chain. It would be very difficult to capture the spirit of the day in words alone.  So a video team was on hand to talk to participants and get their feedback.  The result can be watched in this YouTube video.

In today’s dynamic B2B environment there are many ways to get your message(s) across. A proliferation of channels and tools includes press releases, by-lined articles, press conferences, company website, blogs – and many more. One tool in particular has rapidly gained in importance over the last few years and is still growing. Video is now a key online promotional tool.

It’s easy to see why.  Video is a very powerful medium that talks directly to an audience, gaining trust quickly and building an emotional connection with (potential) clients. In just half a minute, a corporate identity video can underline your company’s (thought) leadership position, expertise, unique values or key offering.

Delivering a high quality video is no longer complex. Social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook now support video formats – enabling you to reach a global audience. And because people prefer watching videos - compared to reading words – they are more memorable and increase brand recognition.

All in all, videos can often be very effective – and when added to other marcoms activities; they can help reinforce your positioning and messaging to create more impact.  Of course, as with all channels, you need to get the content right. Market and audience segmentation will help you identify what the key differentiators are that appeal to your target audiences – from engineers through to purchasing and opinion leaders - it is important to find the right angle that will make it an interesting storyline and an enjoyable experience at the same time. 

Do you have an important meeting or event coming up and want to expand your audience? Contact Nancy van Heesewijk at EMG.


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Posted by
Nancy van Heesewijk 
on October 21, 2015

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