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Yesterday, EMG logged the 175th clipping relating to the closure of Archroma’s acquisition of BASF’s global textile chemicals business. This particular coverage was by a US textiles magazine. The announcement has also been monitored in the Chinese chemicals & textiles press, Indian business media, UK & European textile trades and financial media, and the news wires - to name just a few. The list is extensive and continues to expand.

These are the top countries Archroma – EMG’s client – wanted to reach, with 20% of clippings in Tier 1 media.

When you’ve got big news you want to make sure it gets to the right people, and this means getting it covered by the right media in the relevant target countries. The EMG team pulled out all the stops to make this happen for Archroma.

To manage the interest and keep a consistent, on-target message, EMG advised Archroma on a communications strategy for announcement day centred on telephone interviews with its CEO and its President Textiles, together with the (former) Vice President of BASF’s Textile Chemicals business.  The interviews were co-ordinated by EMG on-site at Achroma’s headquarters in Reinach, Switzerland, with all three spokespeople in attendance.

To hit the ground running at the time of the event, EMG reached out in advance to the business wires and media and the key global chemical and textile media to raise interest and create a provisional schedule. EMG managed to firm-up an extra day of interviews with the key media.

The result: two full days of back-to-back interviews with business, chemicals and textile media, providing efficiency for the spokespersons on the one side and access to top management and good content for the editors on the other. EMG’s presence during the interviews meant the team was able to follow-up and handle additional enquiries very effectively.

Muriel Werlé, Head of Communications at Archroma commented to EMG: “EMG did a great job of providing the consultancy and support on location we needed to manage this major announcement. The executive interviews in combination with a digital press kit meant we were able to get the news out effectively and efficiently to the key media. More than a third of the coverage was in China, which is very important for Archroma’s textile business.”

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Posted by
Kevin Noels 
on December 16, 2015

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