EMG in the driving seat

EMG in the driving seat

Posted by Kevin Noels on December 10, 2015


Leading the brand PR strategy activities of the European automotive business of Henkel Transport & Metal, a strategic business unit within Adhesive Technologies

Our new partnership with Henkel Transport & Metal is successfully underway (see press release for full announcement), with pleasing results at this early stage of our remit to increase awareness of Henkel’s adhesives solutions for the automotive industry.

Since aligning positioning & USPs into a messaging framework at a workshop in May of this year, EMG has created a pro-active media relations strategy built around a compelling storytelling concept based on Henkel’s strategic business priorities and key initiatives.

These important steps have ensured consistent messaging for all future communications material and a clear delivery approach for the Henkel Transport & Metal team to follow. They’ve also enabled us to get the PR ball rolling quickly and smoothly.

Since September, EMG has been providing media relations support in a number of areas, both behind the scenes as well as up-front with industry editors. A key highlight so far included on-site media activities at two exhibitions which delivered excellent coverage & progressed relationship-building with those media that reach Henkel’s target audience.

It’s momentum we’re committed to keeping up in 2016. 


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