Trade press alive and well in the automation industry

With more than 40 automation trade magazines in Germany alone and a growing active global database, the majority of our communications activities in this segment continues to revolve around personal editor relationships, editorial calendars and interviews. At the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Nürnberg, we organized close to 40 one to one interviews in 3 days for our client Belden. As a result we booked many editorial articles for 2014 based on the company’s strategic focus and new product introductions in the electronic automation industry. Editorial topics of interest continue to revolve around reducing development and delivery time, flexibility, easing integration, increasing efficiency, sustainable development and the SMART FACTORY, also known as 4th Industrial Revolution.

What is changing is the geography of communication. Our customers are moving to a more global approach, and with our offices in Beijing and Shanghai along with our Asiacom PR agency network, we can help them reach their audiences in China and around the world. Another change in the industrial world is the growing influence of digital and social media. At EMG we are focused on alignment of contents with industry trends and outreach via platforms that deliver the best return on investment to create effective communications in these media as well.



Posted by
Nancy van Heesewijk 
on January 21, 2014

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