Inspire your target market with tasteful food ingredients marketing

At EMG, we’re proud to provide leading ingredient branding services.

From food security to providing breakthrough taste sensations and enabling new methods of production, EMG is able to help food and food ingredients companies connect and engage with their target audience through comprehensive media relations and marketing programs.

EMG is passionate about the beverage, food ingredients and wellness ingredient markets. We recognize how critical this sector is to our sustainable future, and our vision is to inspire people around the planet through innovative and powerful communications campaigns that challenge the norm, provoke positive change, and deliver success for all.


Communicating to the thriving food ingredients industry

At EMG, we provide a full suite of marketing and communications services to stakeholders across the vibrant food and beverage sector.

Whether it is creating B2B food ingredient content around product development trends at R&D centers or piecing together carefully crafted content calendars with a focus on SEO, social media and other key qualities and channels, EMG is your communications partner for food ingredient branding and media relations.

We have a strong track record in supporting global companies within the food and beverage industry and providing marketing solutions to nutritional pioneers and niche ingredients specialists across the value chain.

Our team of creative and innovative Marcom and food industry experts represent the perfect B2B marketing combination. We are capable of delivering end-to-end solutions across PR and media, branding, multiformat content, digital strategies and analytics.

To discover more about how we help the food ingredients industry to thrive, see our client success stories below...