Your additive manufacturing PR partner

We pride ourselves on B2B additive manufacturing marketing for a reason.

Today, we are also seeing the inexorable rise of additive manufacturing trends (including 3D printing) – a gamechanger that is already transforming the way in which thousands of products and components are being made – from 3D printed parts for the aerospace industry to 3D advancements in the medical and automotive sectors.

These are stories that need telling, and EMG is here to help additive manufacturing companies like yours showcase your innovations and technology while communicating your brand strategy to your targeted B2B audience.

Thanks to our expert in-house knowledge, we stay abreast of major industry developments, including the latest additive manufacturing and 3D printing trends that are dictating conversations between stakeholders and additive manufacturing industry influencers.


Why do I need an additive manufacturing marketing strategy?

Traditionally, the B2B industry has lagged behind B2C in terms of marketing spend. However, the dial is shifting.

EMG specializes in industrial markets. Working with clients such as Oerlikon, GE Additive and others, we are connected to the media and the key influencers in the additive manufacturing space. We understand the trends, challenges and opportunities within this area, and can help create a marketing communications plan ranging from press releases and thought leadership to event management and digital campaigns.

See how we help the additive manufacturing sector to thrive by seeing our client success stories below...