Integrated marketing communications

B2B marketing strategies done better

We are proud of our tradition of exclusively serving B2B industry clients. They benefit from our unique background, insights and specialty knowledge in the areas of materials, science, technology, and processing.

As a B2B content marketing agency, delivering exceptional marketing strategies is at the very core of our DNA at EMG.

Behind any successful marketing campaign is an impeccable integrated marketing communications and B2B brand strategy. We believe in the power of connection, helping companies to cut above the noise and be heard by those that matter in their particular industry.


What is integrated marketing communications?

Integrated marketing communications, or IMC as it is sometimes known, is the simple concept of aligning marketing and promotional activities so that they work in harmony. In essence, it is about creating a seamless, unified brand experience for a company’s customer base across all channels.

Through IMC, a brand’s core image and messaging are bolstered, with each marketing communication (marcom) channel working together as opposed to in isolation.


Committed to market-leading marcoms

EMG is, and always has been, a B2B content marketing agency. Providing communications, brand and marketing strategies to our various industry clients is what makes our heart pulse. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goals.

In creating bespoke integrated marketing communications strategies that truly work for our B2B clients, we’ve developed a five-pronged approach to service delivery spanning the entire marcomms spectrum:




We’re proud of our tradition of exclusively serving industrial clients – it’s what makes us different. By combining unique backgrounds, insights, and specialized industry knowledge with dedicated attention to these five vital elements, our customers benefit from tailor-made, comprehensive marketing and communications strategies that truly speak to their target audience.