National B2B communications for BENEO in Belgium

As well as providing companies in the food ingredients industry with B2B communications and marketing services that can penetrate a global audience, EMG also knows how to create and deliver campaigns suited to individual local markets.

This is what we do for Belgium-based firm BENEO, offering unique, local B2B communications support.

We have been working with the company since 2019, leveraging our core media relations and marketing expertise to help it establish and deliver key messages that strike a chord with the local market. 

Our collaboration helps BENEO to stand apart from its competitors in the Belgian food ingredients market. 



BENEO offers functional ingredients derived from chicory roots, beet sugar, rice and wheat.

The firm specializes in improving products’ nutritional and technological characteristics, and employs more than 1,000 people across its network of production units based in Belgium, Chile, Germany and Italy.

BENEO is part of the Südzucker Group, which itself stands as one of the leading food producers in Europe. The organization was formed in 2007 by the companies Orafti, Palatinit and Remy, and has interests in both human and animal nutrition. 

The company prides itself on a sustainable approach to innovation, constantly seeking ways to enhance its offerings and reduce its environmental impact. 










Nancy van Heesewijk

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