K 2019 coming up

To help you create publicity for your K 2019 highlights and drive interest with visitors, EMG developed the concept of its multi-client Pre-K Press Briefing – a series of compact press conferences that enable individual companies to deliver their K-show news well before the show.

EMG has organized the multi-client press briefings from K 2004 through to K 2016 – and each time the results have been excellent.  With an average of 25 trade editors per session, the resulting global coverage in the participating chemicals and plastics publicity channels prior to the show has positively impacted the corporate image of all participating companies and helped to drive stand visits by both customers and prospects.

There are a number of key benefits for all participants: editors get to meet several key industry players in a short period of time with a minimum of disruption. Participating companies benefit by “guaranteed editorial attention” and sharing the overall organizational and facility costs as well as travel and living expenses of the attending editors.

We are currently planning our Pre-K 2019 Multi-Client Event to take place from June 26 – 28, 2019. For detailed information please see the introduction presentation or watch an impression of the previous edition. To reserve a space in the press conference schedule, please complete the Registration Form below.


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Edition K 2016

In 2016, A total of 24 editors from China to Canada attended presentations and interactive sessions with technical experts and communication professionals from six companies. Instead of travelling across Europe, the key editors merely had to walk to adjacent conference rooms to learn about the latest developments of these industry leaders.

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This summer, in advance of the massive, triennial K 2019 trade show in Dusseldorf, EMG is once again organising its Pre-K Multi-Client Press Conference. The event will take place on June 26-27 at...