Get ready for K 2019

photo: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann 

Be seen, be remembered by the right audience

You have made a significant commitment and investment to participate at the K. You want to attract the right audience, cut through the noise and ensure your message reaches partners and customers, old and new.

Our industry knowledge, communications expertise and international reach is second to none. We have become ‘the’ trusted partner to go to create a client's story and connect to their audience. 

No other marcom partner has the depth and breadth of industry understanding and experience. EMG has been contributing to show successes at the K, Chinaplas, NPE, and many other events since 1992 for Chemical, Polymer and Process customers.

create connect communicate

Reaching your target audience has become more important than ever – a multiplication of communication tools and channels over the last decade puts your customers in the driving seat. They make the choices of how to engage with you and to what extent.

Events like the K demand total immersion and we work closely with our clients to develop an integrated campaign that delivers messages that connect to the customer using the full range of physical and digital touch points across the customer journey.

creating stories

We focus on delivering stories that have meaning to your customers, demonstrating an understanding of their world and offering solutions that meet their challenges now and in the future.

Having worked with more than 40 clients in the plastics industry we know how to clearly tell your story in a compelling way that raises interest from your target audience.

connecting audiences

The right message to the right audience by understanding the technology and the channels. We select the best combinations to make your stories come alive and get noticed at the exhibition.

Your K show campaign kicks-off early using a mix of paid, earned, owned and social media platforms spread across global regions and individual geographies. Capturing the attention of the media, and through them, your audience and managing your communications at the show is handled by our on site support teams and backup office.

communicating the right message

For almost 30 years we have developed an in-depth and specialized knowledge of industrial technology sectors. We have built strong relationships with key players in the media and industry influencers; we know what they are looking for, what the trending topics are.

EMG was born in the plastics industry, we understand the value chain, the technology, the processes and the market segments you and your customers serve. We know who to talk to and how to talk to them to create a platform of effective communications.

EMG’s exhibition service

To raise your profile and deliver a customer experience that meets expectations we support our customers with a range of exhibition services including stand design and buildmedia relations and social media management. (return to videos.)

Show communications present a challenge that is inspirational to the EMG team. It’s allowing us to do what we do best: create, connect and communicate. Ready to share your challenge with us?


Video Impressions


Milliken and PureCycle wanted to do things a little differently at K 2019. They chose a Q&A-style news show format for a press conference that was organized and moderated by EMG.


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K 2019 turned out to be a great event for our customers – but don’t take our word for it – listen to the positive feedback from our customers 


13 Aug 2019

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