Servé Tonino

Servé Tonino is a former senior trade publishing editor from the plastics industry. The combination of his editorial background and technical knowledge translate into the creation of online solutions for our clients that support overall marketing communications efforts. Servé leads our online practice, providing specialist technical input and guidance across EMG's client portfolio and project managing specific client assignments. Servé is Dutch, and is fluent in English.






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Instead of having our usual monthly meeting, we’ve visited the Green Chemistry Campus last week: just a kilometre down the road from EMG, at the heart of the Bioba


EMG Community Industry Trends

Announcing a new website is something you’d do in the 00’s. Nowadays, people are used to a long list of weekly upgrades on their mobile phones, which are ins...


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Some lost their interest when their favourites had to leave the tournament (and some lost interest a little while earlier: when their favourites didn’t manage to q...


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19 Mar 2018

Committing to CommsTech

The chances are that if you’re a marketing director and reading this story, you’re taking a quick break from a CRM implementation meeting! Almost half of the...


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Fan or not, meetings are a fundamental part of modern business culture. On average 11 million are held EACH DAY in the US  alone! Certainly in the B2B world, relati...


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22 Sep 2017

BLUF as a reply to TL;DR

To get to the point: you better keep it short and entertaining if you want to engage people. If your first paragraph goes on about ‘world leading’ or sets th...


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